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Process Chargeback Deductions


Chargebacks Credit Memos are defined to track the chargebacks taken from a customer for promotions.

Configuring Chargebacks

Configure the following service items for various chargebacks.

  1. Select the Item Type as Service.

  2. Select the Chargeback checkbox.

  3. If the Sales Account for the Chargeback differs from the Company Setup, create an Account Posting Setup record for the chargeback to define the Sales GL Account number to use when posting entries.

Creating a New Chargeback Credit Memo

Credit Memos are created using the Sales Invoice function.  Create a new Sales Invoice using the following parameters.

  1. Enter the Sell-to Customer information.

  2. Select the Credit Memo checkbox. On selecting this checkbox, any lines created will be automatically assigned a quantity of -1, and the Promotion Line and Broker fields will be editable.

  3. Enter the Service Chargeback item(s).

  4. Enter the Unit Price for the Chargeback line.

  5. Enter the Promotion Line if applicable. 

  6. Enter the Broker if applicable.

  7. Click Save when complete.

Posting the Credit Memo

  1. Select Post.

  2. Enter the Posting Date

  3. Select Post Sales Credit Memo.

A credit memo will be posted using an SM (sales memo) number.

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