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Zenkraft Shipping Integration

Zenkraft is a shipping application that allows you to ship packages using the Salesforce platform.

Before deciding to use Zenkraft, contact a GoldFinch consultant for the scope, costs, and potential equipment compatibility issues.

Typically, the consultant will require you to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. How do you ship FedEx and UPS today?

  2. Do you need international shipments?

  3. Do you have other carriers in addition to FedEx and UPS?

  4. Do you use Payee or Third Party as Payment Type?

  5. Do you need to pack detailed content into boxes before you print labels? 

  6. In the case of B2B, most likely you do not require to Pick and Pack. In the case of EDI 856, you do need to package content.

  7. Do you require the scale weight when packing?

Zenkraft has several functionalities. We recommend you implement Zenkraft step by step and the following features for phase 1:

  1. Configure Domestic (not Internation) FedEx and UPS for both Demo and Production use. Ensure that you have FedEx and UPS accounts.

  2. Use the Wizard mode (instead of Pick and Pack mode) to print labels.

  3. Use the Sender as Payment Type, not Payee, or Third Party.

  4. Import or configure the default Shipping Agent, Shipping Agent Service, and Payment Type to the GoldFinch Account and Alternating Shipping.

  5. Map Zenkraft Shipment to GoldFinch Whse. Shipment.

  6. Configure a label printer and a scale. Ensure that you have a compatible label printer and a scale already.

  7. Manually create a Zenkraft Shipment from GoldFinch Whse. Shipment, and then creates packages (without detailed package content) to print labels.

Contact GoldFinch for a detailed implementation plan.  

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