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Working with GL Budgets


GoldFinch allows you to import GL Budget and compare it with the actuals.

Prepare GL Budget Template

Before importing the GL Budget, the following records need to be set up in GoldFinch:

  • GL Accounts

  • GL Ledger with Ledger Type equals Budget

  • Accounting Variables (Optional)

Use the attached template to prepare the Budget Import Template for the new year.

Budget Import Template 102323.xlsx

Save the file as a CSV.

Import GL Budget

Click to open the App Launcher.  Select GL Budget.

Click New to create a new GL Budget.

  • GL Budget Name: It must be unique.

  • GL Ledger: It must be a GL Ledger with Ledger Type = Budget.

  • Fiscal Year: Must be a 4-digit year.

Click Import CSV to import the saved CSV file.

Post/Unpost GL Budget

After the GL Budget is imported, click Post/Unpost to process the records.

The post routine will check GL Budget data for errors first. You must navigate to the GL Budget Entries related list to review and fix errors.

If the GL Budget is successfully posted, GoldFinch will create GL Summaries for the GL Budget Entries.

To correct the GL Budget, you can click Post/Unpost to unpost the GL Budget, update the amounts, and then click Post/Unpost to post the GL Budget again.

Report GL Budget

To report the GL Budget against actuals, a GoldFinch consultant can help set up a Financial Report column for the specific GL Ledger that is linked to the GL Budget.

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