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The Last Invoiced Base Cost Field on the Item Card Does Not Have the Same Decimal Places as the Unit Cost Field on the Last Purchase Invoice

Why do I see 5 decimals on the Last Invoiced Base Cost field on the Item card, but only 2 decimals entered to the Unit Cost field on the last Purchase Invoice?

By default, we display 5 decimals on all Unit Cost fields, including the Last Invoiced Base Cost on the Item card.

If you prefer to see 2 decimals on the Item card, you can add a custom formula field to display that.

How is the Last Invoiced Base Cost calculated?

To calculate Last Invoiced Base Cost, we have to calculate Line Cost first:

Unit Cost x Quantity - Discount = Line Cost

For example: 44.8 x 33.48 - 0 = 1499.904

We then have to round 1499.904 to 1499.90 because only 2 decimals are allowed on the financial statement.

We also have to convert 1499.90 to the base currency. (ex. USD)  

Then, we calculate Last Invoiced Base Cost using:

Line Cost (USD) / Quantity


= 33.47991

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