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Upfront Approach


You can define multiple warehouses on the Sales Lines before you create Whse Shipments.

Processing Steps

Follow the steps below to add the Warehouse field to the field set.


When you create or edit a Sales Order, GoldFinch defaults the Sales Order’s Warehouse to the Sales Lines. You can change the Warehouse on the Sales Lines as needed.

Save the Sales Order.


GoldFinch automatically allocates the inventory using the Warehouse on the Sales Lines.


Click the Create Shipment button on the Sales Order. GoldFinch will create a Whse Shipment for each Warehouse defined on the Sales Line.


Check to ensure the Sales Lines you want to ship from the first warehouse have sufficient Allocated Qty.

Click Create Shipment.

Then Edit the shipment to remove lines or quantities you want shipped from the secondary warehouse, instead of the first warehouse.

Click Post to post the Whse. Shipment.

Go back to the Sales Order. Update the Warehouse on the Sales Order by choosing the secondary warehouse.

Check to ensure the remaining Sales Lines that should be shipping from the secondary warehouse are populated correctly and that you have sufficient Allocated Qty.

Then, click Create Shipment for the secondary warehouse.

Review and then Post the Whse. Shipment.

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