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Unposting a Sales Invoice that has been sync'd to QuickBooks Online

There are times you may need to unpost a sales invoice to make changes to the invoice or simply delete it. Unposting a Sales Invoice is a fairly straightforward process, but if the invoice is already Sync'd to QuickBooks Online, the process to Unpost the invoice takes a bit more effort.

To Unpost these Invoices, follow the steps below:

  1. In QuickBooks Online delete the Sales Invoice.

  2. In GoldFinch, uncheck the Sync'd field on the Sales Invoice, using a Sales Invoice List view.

  3. Once the Sync'd field is unchecked on the Sales Invoice, you will have the ability to Unpost the invoice.

  4. Correct or delete the invoice.  If corrected, sync the invoice (this creates a new updated invoice in QuickBooks Online).

Only users with the ability to Unpost transactions as defined in the User Setup will have the ability to uncheck the Sync'd field.

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