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Transfer Order Setup

Warehouse Setup

In-Transit warehouses will need to be set up as holding places when goods are shipped from one warehouse but have not yet been received in the destination warehouse.  

One Pick Bin should be set up for the warehouse and assigned to all bin fields except the Cross Dock bin to simplify warehouse management.

Make sure the Use As In-Transit field is checked.

Transfer Route

Transfer Routes are helpful when inventory transfers are performed to and from many warehouses within the company and different In-Transit warehouses are utilized.  While Transfer Routes are not mandatory when using Transfer Orders, they help ensure the correct In-Transit warehouse is used, which could be critical for transfer orders that take a long time to ship.

Transfer Routes define which Transfer-from Warehouse, Transfer-to Warehouse, and In-Transit Warehouse to use when transferring inventory from these warehouses. 

Numbering Series

A Transfer Order numbering series will need to be established before creating Transfer Orders. Ensure a Numbering Series is set up with the name of Transfer Order, Last Number Used, Prefix, and Separator.

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