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Stripe Payment Terminal

Tokenization: Stripe Integration uses tokenization to handle sensitive credit card information tp meet PCI-Compliant requirements. The sensitive information is encrypted using Stripe Publishable Key and submitted directly from the payee’s computer to Stripe (without going through Salesforce server) to obtain a token for credit card transactions.

Create Payment Methods

  1. From the account page, click the Payment Terminal button (you need to create the Payment Terminal button for the account object).

    1. The system will display saved payment methods. Follow the screen flow to update/create payment methods.

Payment Transactions

When you start a new payment transaction (request, authorization, charge), the system will create a payment transaction and a payment activity related to the payment transaction. Capture, void, and refund will add a new payment activity linked to the payment transaction.

  1. Open the payment terminal screen from the record page. The system will display the existing payment transactions and also available actions for each payment transaction.

  2. You can start a new transaction (Request, New Authorization, and New Charge). Follow the screen flow to complete a transaction.

When customers receive a payment link email, the email should contain a link that they can open to make a payment. The payment portal will look like this:


Sales Invoice/Source Object Record Name - The system displays the label using the Object’s name.

Amount - Total amount requested.

Pay Amount - This is the amount that the customer will pay. If the payment request allows partial payment, this field will be editable.

Payment Method - The system displays payment methods that were selected for the payment request. Customers can choose Other to use a new payment info. When Other is checked, the system will display the Card Info fields.

Save payment information for the future - If checked, the system will create a payment method. The payment request will be linked to the payment method.

Billing Address fields - The fields are populated automatically from the account when the payment request is sent.

Decline button - Customer can decline a payment request. When this happens, the Status of the payment link will be updated to Declined.

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