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Stripe Data Initialization

Before you can save payment methods or do payment transactions for an account, the account must be connected to the payment gateway.

There are two ways to link Salesforce accounts to a payment gateway.

  1. Batch Customer Mapping - This is a function that downloads all customers from the payment gateway and then matches Salesforce accounts with the payment gateway customers by name.

    1. This process does not create new customers in the payment gateway. It only finds payment gateway customers and matches them to Salesforce accounts by name.

  2. Account’s Payment Gateway Customer Screen - From the account page, you can connect an account to a payment gateway. This function first tries to match the account to a payment gateway customer by name. If a payment gateway customer does not exist, it will create a new customer in the payment gateway and link the account to it.

Batch Customer Mapping

  1. Go to Payment Console Settings.

  2. Click on the dropdown menu button in the top-right corner, and click on the Connect Customers to Payment Gateway.

    1. This function has 2 steps:

      1. Download all customers from the payment gateway.

      2. Match the downloaded customers with Salesforce accounts using the name.

  3. From the Download Payment Gateway Customers section, choose a payment gateway and a connection.

  4. Enter a batch number.

    1. A batch will download 100 customers from the payment gateway (multiplying 100 by the number of batches will be the total number of customers you have in the payment gateway)

  5. Increase or decrease the Batches as needed.

  6. Click Download to start the download job. Wait for the download job to finish. 

  7. After the download job is finished, you can choose the payment gateway in the Match Customers section.

  8. The system will show the number of unmatched customers. Click the Match button to start the matching job and wait for the job to complete.

  9. After the job is completed, the system will update the Unmatched Record Count to show the remaining download customers who don’t have matching Salesforce accounts.

  10. Click View Unmatched Payment Gateway Customers to see these records.  

If the system had linked the payment gateway customers to the accounts, the Account field will be populated. You will be able to see the payment gateway customers on the account page. 

Account’s Payment Gateway Customer Screen

While the batch customer mapping links payment gateway customers to Salesforce accounts in a batch process, you can use the Account’s Payment Gateway Customer screen to link/create a payment gateway customer and download payment methods.

  1. From the account page, click Payment Gateway Customer.

  2. Choose a payment gateway connection and click Next. Then click Connect.

    1. If the connection is successful:

      1. The system will display the payment gateway on the screen, as well as all the connected payment gateway of the customer.

    2. If the account is not connected to the payment gateway:

      1. The system will perform a remote callout to the payment gateway to see if there are matching customers.

It is possible to default a Payment Gateway for the Account by populating the Default Payment Gateway field.

  1. The system also performs another callout to pull the payment methods from the payment gateway. The last 2 columns show the record status of a payment method.

    1. Remote:

      1. Shows “Yes” if the payment method exists in the payment gateway.

      2. Shows “No” if the payment method does not exist in the payment gateway.

    2. Local:

      1. Shows “Yes” if the payment method exists in Salesforce.

      2. Shows “No” if the payment method does not exist in Salesforce.

  2. Choose payment methods to download.

    1. If the Remote is No and the Local is Yes, the checkbox is not available. This means the payment method was downloaded but later was deleted from the payment gateway.

  3. Click the Save & Finish button to connect/create a payment gateway customer and download payment methods.

It is possible to default a Payment Method for the Account by checking the Default field of a Payment Method record.

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