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SKU Inventory Calculations


You can automatically create Stockkeeping Units and calculate the following 5 inventory fields during transaction entries:

  • On Hand

  • Allocated

  • Incoming

  • Transfer Out

  • Waiting

Setting Up

  1. Navigate to Setup → Custom Setting → System Setting

  2. Click Manage.

  3. Create a parameter: EnableSKU and enter the value True.


Calculation Sources

Calculated Fields on SKU

Calculation Logics

When Product Allocations are updated - Product Allocations are automatically created from Salesforce Order object.

Read Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration for more details.


Allocated = Quantity on Product Allocations (Posted = false) + Qty. Allocated Base on Sales Lines + Qty. Allocated Base on Transfer Lines

Quantity on Product Allocations by default is by Base Unit of Measure.

When Bin Contents are updated - Bin Content Trigger

On Hand

Qty. Base from Bin Contents

When Purchase Lines are updated - Purchase Line Trigger


O/S Qty. Base from Purchase Lines

When Sales Lines are updated - Sales Line Trigger

Waiting, Allocated

Qty. Not Allocated Base from Sales Lines

When Transfer Lines are updated - Transfer Line Trigger

Waiting, Allocated, Incoming, Transfer Out

Qty. Not Allocated Base, Qty. Allocated Base, O/S Qty. Receive Base from Transfer Lines

This routine will automatically create new SKUs even for Warehouses with the Enable Demand Planning field unchecked.

You can resync inventory quantities for the 5 fields on the SKU by scheduling a nightly Create Item SKUs routine.

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