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9) Setup Users


Users must be set up in both Salesforce/GoldFinch and given the correct permissions.

Setup Users and assign Permission Sets

Click the Setup icon and select Setup. This launches Setup in a new tab.

Click Users to add a new user. 

Enter the user details such as name, email address, company, and so on. 

The following fields are typically populated:

  • Username is typically an Email address.

  • Role is optional. 

  • User License must be Salesforce Platform for regular users. 

  • Profile must be Standard Platform User.

Click Save to save the changes and create this user.
Click on edit next to the User’s name. Scroll down and click Edit Assignments to assign the Permission Sets for this user.  Look at other similar users for required permission sets. 

  • For standard users, assign GFERP Standard User Permission Set and GFERP Extension Permission Set.

  • For users who need to manage AR in GoldFinch, add GFERP Accounting Permission Set.

  • For super users, add GFERP Full Access to Setup Tables Permission Set.

  • Read GoldFinch Permission Sets for more information.

Note: To create customized permission sets, you can clone out-of-box GoldFinch permission sets.

Search for Installed Packages, and then click Manage Licenses to assign a user license for GoldFinch Cloud Solutions.

Select App Launcher > User Setup to configure special permissions required for users.

The User Setup record is mandatory if you require the user to have the following permissions:

  1. Unpost

  2. Delete Sales Order

  3. Unhold Sales Order

  4. Special Posting Date range

  5. Mobile access

Deactivate Users

To deactivate a user, remove the selection in the Active check box on the Users page. License to GoldFinch will be removed automatically for deactivated users.

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