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8) Setup Items


GoldFinch allows you to configure items to track goods and services that you trade. Items include finished goods, sub-assembly items, raw materials, and non-inventory items such as services. You can configure details required to buy or sell items, produce items, store items, deliver items, and also configure item GL account details.

Setup Items

Open the App Launcher. Search for Items.

Several demo inventory and service items are created by the post-installation script, and they can be used to create transactions.  

Read Clone Items to learn more about those demo items, and how to clone them to create new items together with their related records, such as:

  • Item Unit of Measure

  • Formula Version

  • Item Formula

  • Routing Version

  • Item Routings

If you have a lot of items, you can use the Import Items template to import your existing items. 

Configure the following related records for each item:

  • Item Unit of Measure. One item can have multiple Item Units of Measure.  Item Units of Measure configuration is critical for the success of GoldFinch setup.  

  • Formula Version. This is optional for manufactured items. One item can have several formula versions.  Formula Version is mandatory if you require using Percentage as the Formula Management.

  • Item Formulas. This is mandatory for manufactured items.

  • Routing Version. This is optional for manufactured items. One item can have several routing versions. 

  • Item Routings. This is optional for manufactured items.

Additional Information

Before creating new items or importing items, ensure to configure the following tables:

  • Unit of Measure. Frequently used Units of Measure are created by the post-install script.  You can add new Units of Measure but should not rename or delete existing ones.  Select App Launcher > Unit of Measures.

  • Item Category. Item Categories are used to classify items for filtering and reporting. It is the top-level grouping for items. You can only assign one category to each item.  Item Categories are optional but recommended if you have many items to be configured.  Select App Launcher > Item Categories.

  • 2) Update Warehouses and Bins

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