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2) Update Warehouses and Bins


Warehouses are physical locations where inventory is stored. Bins are configured within a warehouse and are subdivisions of a warehouse. 

Setting Up / Updating Warehouses

Open the App Launcher. Search for Warehouses.

A default Warehouse named Main is created by the post-installation script, and it is ready for use.  You can rename this warehouse and enter the warehouse address for your use. 

The default Warehouse has only two bins created (Pick and Cross Dock), and it is set up to bypass pick ticket, put-away documents, and movement documents. 

Talk to a GoldFinch consultant if you need to create more bins or if you need to use pick or put-away documents.

Create New Warehouses

To create more warehouses, clone an existing one. Then, change the name and the address.

Do not try creating a new Warehouse by clicking the New button. It will take too much time to ensure all required configurations are completed.

Duplicate Warehouse is not allowed, enforced by a duplication rule.

Additional Information

Click Bypass Pick and Put-away - 3PL Configuration to learn how to configure 3PL Warehouse.

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