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1) Update Company Setup


Company Setup includes company-specific information and default company configurations.

A default Company Setup record is created by the post-installation script, and it is ready for use.  

Getting to Company Setup

Open the App Launcher. Search for Company Setup.

You only need to update the company address and company logo to get started.  Accept defaults for other fields until a later stage.

The company's logo is used on various documents printed out of GoldFinch and should not exceed the size of 250 x 250 pixels.

Make sure to use the image button to upload the logo

After you upload your logo, preview your logo on a Sales Order PDF document. To get there, click on the App Launcher again and search for GoldFinch Sales. Click on the Sales Order tab.

See How to Create a Sales Order for help.

After creating a Sales Order, click on Print Confirmation to create a Sales Order PDF.

You might need to resize your logo to 150x150, 100x100, or smaller to make the logo fit better on the page.

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