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Solution Design


Now that your organizations have been created, you are ready to start working in the Sandbox org to determine the best configuration for your company’s business needs. We call this process Solution Design.

Both the Live and the Sandbox orgs have been configured for GoldFinch best practices and are ready for use. Review Rapid Setup Steps folder for more information. If you are working with a GoldFinch Implementer, he/she will schedule conference calls/web meetings to:

  1. Review and discuss your business processes

  2. Provide an overview of the master data setup

  3. Demonstrate how to perform various transactions

The information gathered during these discussions will help to uncover any configuration changes that may be needed. The configuration will be fine-tuned until all business processes have been covered and procedures for each of your business transactions have been defined.

Available GoldFinch Features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Help Page

Account Management: Retailer/Customer/Distributor/Broker/Vendor

  1. Setup Customer/Vendor Accounts

Contact Management

  1. Setup Customer/Vendor Accounts

Multiple Ship-to Addresses

  1. Setup Customer/Vendor Accounts

Activity Management

Salesforce Activity can be implemented for Accounts, Contacts, all GoldFinch objects such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Work Orders.  Read Salesforce help for more information.

Inventory Management

Ability to track Inventory & Non-Inventory

  1. Setup Items

Lot Traceability

  1. Setup Items

Multiple Units of Measure

  1. Setup Items

FIFO Costing Method

  1. Setup Items

Accounting Posting with FIFO Costing Method

Daily Adjust Cost Routine

Trace and Understand COGS from Sales Invoices

Item No. Cross References

Cross References

Landed Cost Management

Manage Landed Costs

Purchase Management

Purchase Order/Invoice Management

Process Purchase Orders

Process Whse. Receipts

Process Purchase Invoices

Purchase Prices by Vendor, Item, Unit of Measure

Purchase Prices

Inventory Availability Projection

Item Availability by Item

Item Availability by Item by UOM

Item Availability Status

Sales Order/Invoice Management

Sales Order/Invoice Management

Create a Sales Order

Create and Post a Warehouse Shipment

Sales Prices by Customer, Pricing Group, Item Category, Item, Unit of Measure

Sales Prices

Sales Discounts

Sales Discounts

Sales Invoicing

Create and Post a Sales Invoice

Special Orders

Process Special/Drop Ship Orders

Drop Ship Orders

Process Special/Drop Ship Orders

Return Orders

Process Sales Returns

Sales Forecasting & Promotion Tracking

Sales Forecasting

Create Sales Forecasts Manually

Import Sales Forecasts

Monthly Promotion Calendar Tracking

Promotion and Deduction Management

Warehouse Management

Standard Warehouse Management (with Limited Bins and Printed Pick Ticket)

Process Whse Activities

Bypass Pick and Put-away - 3PL Configuration

Advanced Bin Management (with Electronic Pick Ticket)

Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Transfer Order Management

Process Transfer Orders

Cycle Counts



Production Journals/Kittings

Basic Production

Bill of Materials/Recipe/Formula Management

  1. Setup Items

Work Order Management

Process Work Orders

Outside Service Processing

Process Outside Services

Basic Inventory/Supply Planning

  1. Setup Items

Item Availability Status

Advanced Production

Item Routings and Work Centers

Creating Routing Instructions

Formula/BOM Versions

Creating Item Formulas (BOMs)

Advanced MRP

Calculate Supply Plans

Backward Flushing

Daily Production and Back Flush Raw Materials

Ability to Produce By-Products

Quality Control 

Quality Controls for Purchased or Manufactured Items/Lots

Technical Sheet Questionnaire for Quality Control

Certificate of Analysis report

Mobile Management

Scan to Ship

Scan Ship

Scan to Pick

Scan to Count

Scan Bin Count

Scan to Receive

Scan Receive

Automatic Email Processing

Automatic Email Processing (to schedule email jobs)

Electronic Document Management

Integration Options

Accounting Integration

Help Page

Accounting Seed Integration

Accounting Seed Integration

QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks Online

GoldFinch/QBO Best Practices

QuickBooks Month-End Reconciliation

QuickBooks Desktop File Transfer

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Month-End Reconciliation

E-Commerce Integration (order management and upload of items)


Shopify Integration


WooCommerce Integration

Shipping System Integration


Zenkraft Shipping Integration

EDI Integration

True Commerce File Import/Export

True Commerce EDI File Import/Export

Integral Group (Fully Integrated EDI Solution)

EDI Integration

Additional Considerations

Review Documents

As you go through each process, you will want to consider the documents that you will use. GoldFinch comes with many standard documents that you can print - be sure to test each of them. 

Review Reports

As you go through each process, you will want to review the "must-have" reports that you will use.  GoldFinch comes with many standard reports. You may need to customize them or create new reports to fit your needs.

Maintain Live Configuration

Remember you started in the Production environment with some basic configuration. If along the way, you have modified or added configuration, you will want to make sure you keep your Production environment up to date.  

Once you are happy with the Sandbox data, you can move on to input Production data. 

Develop, Test and Deploy Customizations

If you have been working with a GoldFinch Implementer to develop any custom functionality, you will want to make sure that it is tested along with all the standard processes.  Once testing is complete, our technical staff will deploy the customizations to your Production environment.

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