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ShipStation Integration

ShipStation is integrated with GoldFinch to process Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon orders that have been shipped through ShipStation.


In Company Setup, the Enable Bypass Shipment field needs to be checked to allow only an invoice to be created.

Import Shipments

When a label is printed in ShipStation, the order data will be pushed to the Import Shipment object in GoldFinch in real-time. Contact a GoldFinch consultant to configure the Rest API Endpoint and the Webhook.

Read Shopify Integration Push Option for more details.

Contact a GoldFinch consultant to schedule a routine to convert records in the Import Shipment object to Sales Invoices every hour.

Error resolution

If there are any issues, the Error Text will describe the issue.

After the errors are resolved, the lines that have not yet been processed will be picked up in the next job run to create Sales Invoices.

Sales Invoice

A user will go to each Sales Invoice to enter the lot information. The Customer PO No. and Tracking Number will be available on the Sales Invoice to help locate the Sales Invoice.

Open the Invoice and select the Enter Invoice Lots button.

  1. Enter the Item Lot for each item.

  2. Put a Check in the Ready to Post field.

  3. Select Save.

The Sales Invoice can be posted by a batch job or in real-time by using a process flow.

Error resolution

If there are any errors when posting the invoice, a Batch Post Error notification will be provided telling the user. You must resolve the error to be able to post the Invoice.

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