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Setting up Items for Manufacturing

The Item Master Data record is the starting point for Manufacturing Configuration.  Although there are many fields on the Item Record, we will focus on those related to Manufacturing, specifically, the Details and the Requirements Planning section.  

Keep in mind that your user interface may have been modified, and the fields may have been moved to different sections on the item record.  

Below is a brief description of the fields you will want to consider for your manufacturing setup:

Field Name 


Inventory Class

Raw Material, Sub Assembly, or Finished Good

This field denotes the inventory level and usage of each item, you always want to consider your setup for any of these classes you will be using. 

Lot Tracked

Mark this box if the item should be lot tracked throughout the system.  Keep in mind that when Lot Tracking is turned on, lots are required for all transactions including inbound, outbound and movements.  This includes consumption of Raw Materials and Output of Sub Assembly and Finished Goods.  

Replenishment System

Purchase or Work Order.

This field defines how you bring a particular item into inventory.  All Manufactured items should be marked as Work Order. 

Read Setting up Items for Batch Manufacturing for more information about batch manufacturing.

Read Setup Items for more information.

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