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Scan Drop Off/ Pick Up


The Scan Drop-Off function can be used by field service agents to scan and drop off rental equipment and merchandise to customer sites. The Scan Pick Up function can be used by field service agents to scan and pick up rental equipment from customer sites.

Scan Drop Off

Rental items are entered on Sales Orders together with other inventory items.

Read Scan Ship to learn how to scan out inventory items.

Scan Items Page 

Enter or select the rental item.

Serial No. Page

After entering the rental item, enter or click 

 to select the serial number, then Save.


Reset Serial No.

Double-click the item block to see the serial number(s) picked.

Click Reset to undo and start again.

Post Drop Off

The shipment is ready to Post when all items have been picked.

Note: The Warehouse Shipment must be edited in GoldFinch prior to Posting when only part of the items ordered can be shipped.

Click Actions → Post. 

Click Actions → Reset All if you need to reset all items in the shipment and start over.




Rental Status is set to Unavailable after shipping a rental item.

Scan Pick Up

Menu Page 

If Pick Up is not available on the main menu, go to User Setup to add it.


Picking Up List

Enter or scan Serial No, or click on Pick Up next to the rental item.


You have the option to select Return to Warehouse on the pick-up confirmation page. By default, all rental items will be returned to the warehouse they were shipped from.  


Post Pick Up

Click on Confirm and Save. The system will post returned rental items back into the inventory.

Rental Status is set back to Available after picking up a rental item:

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