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Scan Bin Content


The Scan Bin Content feature can be used by the Warehouse staff to see all items with lot numbers in a bin.  You can use an iPhone, iPad, or any Android device as your mobile scanning device.

User Setup

Scanning options are defined in the User Setup which will define the warehouse and scanning features a user can access.

Click to open the App Launcher.  Select User Setup.

  1. Select a Warehouse.  By default, users are allowed to view bin content only in that warehouse.  Leave this field blank to allow the user to view the bin content for all warehouses.  

  2. Edit the Menu field and add View Bin Content for the user.  

Menu Page

Bin List

Scan or select any bin to view the content.

The summarized quantity for each item in the bin will be displayed.  

Click Show All to see the quantity for each lot number for each item.

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