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Salesforce Mobile Setup

Perform the following steps to access GoldFinch Mobile Scan app on your mobile device.

  1. My Domain must be configured in your Salesforce instance.  Follow this link to set up My Domain if it is not configured.

  2. The Salesforce user login must have GFERP Import Permission Set.

  3. A User Setup record must be set up for the Salesforce user and appropriate mobile menu access must be assigned to the user. Review Setup Users and User Setup for more details. Make sure the Menu field is added to User Setup.
    Add the 4 fields:

    1. Bin count

    2. Move

    3. Receive

    4. Ship

  4. Navigate to the Salesforce Setup menu to add Mobile Scan to the first of the mobile navigation menu.

  5. Make sure the Mobile Scan is visible for the profile (under the object setting)

  6. To test the Mobile Scan app, review Bluestacks App as a Mobile Simulator

  7. To purchase mobile hardware, review Mobile Scan Hardware

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