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Salesforce SFCC Integration


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is a cloud-based shopping service for unifying the way businesses engage with customers over any channel or device.

GoldFinch ERP offers a complete Inventory and Order Management solution built 100% natively on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration module streamlines the operations between your E-Commerce sites and your Operation team.

Integration Flow

Discovery Questionnaire


  1. What are the top 5 pain points of your existing inventory and order management solutions?

  2. How do you manage your inventory and make it available to multiple channels today?

  3. What is your Product Information Management (PIM) today?

  4. Do you use any Point of Sales system (POS) today?

  5. In addition to SFCC, do you have other E-Commerce channels?

  6. How frequently do you sync Items, Pricing, and Inventory to SFCC today?

  7. What prevents you from syncing inventory in real-time?

  8. How do you reserve inventory today?

  9. How do you resolve the over-sell situation today?

  10. How frequently do you download orders to your backend ERP system today?

Inventory Management

  1. How many unique items do you have? Do you need to manage multiple Units of Measure per item?

  2. Do you need lot tracking or serial number tracking?

  3. How many warehouses do you have? Do you need to manage inventory by bins? If yes, how many bins do you have?

  4. How many categories can an item be assigned to?

  5. Do you have multi-language requirements?

  6. How many pictures do you have per item? Where do pictures exist today?

  7. How many unique item attributes do you need?

  8. How do you count your inventory today?

  9. Do you need scanning capabilities for receiving, counting, picking, and put-away functions?

Order Management

  1. How do you price your items? Is it by pricing group, quantity, and effective dates?

  2. How do you fulfill orders today?

  3. How do you communicate order status back to the customers (submitted, in process, picked, packed, shipped, etc.)?

  4. How do you manage the return process?

  5. Do you sell kits? Do you make kits before you fulfill them or fulfill them by picking components?

Purchase Management

  1. How many vendors are you working with?

  2. On average, how many purchase orders do you place per week?

  3. What is the maximum number of lines on a purchase order?

  4. How do you do demand planning today?

Financial Management

  1. What Costing Method do you use?

  2. Do you want to add landed costs to your inventory costs?

  3. What accounting system or systems do you use?


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