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Salesforce B2B Portal Integration


Salesforce B2B Portal is designed to suit the complex B2B buying journey, including negotiated pricing, account-specific terms and conditions, and discounts, to give your business customers a superior online buying experience.

GoldFinch ERP offers a complete Inventory and Order Fulfillment Management solution built 100% natively on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce B2B Portal Integration module streamlines the operations between your B2B Portals and your Operation team.

Integration Flow

Product Inventory


  • Location

  • Product

  • Quantity

  • Unit of Measure

  • Allocated

  • Available (Quantity - Allocated)


  • Sync’d from GoldFinch real time

  • Allocated is a roll-up summary field from the Product Allocations object.

  • Used by B2B Portal to show product availability.

Product Allocations


  • Product

  • Location

  • Order

  • Order Product

  • Qty.

  • UOM


  • Insert/Modify/Delete real-time based on the Order object.

Price Books

  • Maintained separately or sync’d from the GoldFinch Sales Prices object.


  • Sync’d from GoldFinch Warehouse object or maintained separately.


  • Created by B2B, or entered manually.

  • Update Product Allocations in real-time.

  • Used to manage pick/pack/ship/delivery directly using Order object.

  • Hourly routine copies Orders with Status = Delivered or Picked up to GoldFinch Sales Invoices to post, in order to:

    • Deduct Inventory

    • Deduct Production Allocations

    • Create accounting entries

  • Alternatively, orders can be copied to the GoldFinch Sales Order object, so pick/pack/ship/delivery can be managed in GoldFinch.

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