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Sales Reports

Report Name


GF2000 Customers Sales Booking

Customer with related sales lines.

GF2001 Open Sales Orders

Sales orders with open sales lines that need to be fulfilled.

GF2002 Item Sales History

Items with posted sales invoice.

GF2003 Sales History by Month

Posted sales history by months.

GF2004 Promotion Analysis

Posted sales invoices with discounts and chargebacks and profit.

GF2005 Sales by Brokers

Posted sales by broker account.

GF2006 Chargebacks by Brokers

Posted chargebacks by brokers.

GF2007 Customer Sales by Item

Posted sales invoices with profit margin details by customer.

GF2008 Open Sales Orders by Item

Open sales orders by item.

GF2009 Open Sales Orders by Customer

Open sales lines by customer.

GF2010 Sales by Sales Rep

Posted sales by sales reps.

GF2011 Promo & Trade Analysis by Cust

Posted sales with chargebacks, discount, line costs, line profit by bill-to customer.

GF2012 Sales Invoices List

A List of all posted invoices.

GF2013 Promotion Calendar with Accruals

A list of promotions with accrued amounts.

GF2014 Promotion Calendar vs. Chargeback

A list of promotions with accruals and chargebacks.

GF2015 Landed Cost Accrual vs. Actual

Comparison of landed cost accruals vs. actual.

GF2016 Sales by State

A list of posted sales by state.

GF2017 Sales Credit Memo by Item

A list of sales credit memo by item.

GF2018 Sales by Month

Posted sales by custmer, item, and month.

GF2019 Sales by Years

Posted sales by customer, item, and year.

GF2020 Force Close Sales Lines

A list of all sales lines with the filter "Force Close = true."

GF2021 Total Orders by Account

A list of all sales orders by customer.

GF2022 Accounts with "Open" Sales Orders

A list of sales orders that are not closed, grouped by customer.

GF2023 Accounts with Shipped Orders

A list of sales orders that are shipped but not invoiced, grouped by customer.

GF2024 Total Sales by Month

Posted sales by month.

GF2025 Sales Order Planning

Demand and supply of sales line items for planning purposes.

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