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Sales Line Archive

Copy of the Sales Line object for archiving purposes.

Field Label

Accounting Variable 1

Accounting Variable 2

Accounting Variable 3

Accounting Variable 4

Base Unit of Measure

Breakbulk UOM

Catch Weight



Cross Reference

Currency Factor

Customer Item



Discount By

Discount Per

Discounted Unit Price

EDI Discount By

EDI Discount Per

EDI Line Amount

EDI Price Discrepancy

EDI Unit of Measure

EDI Unit Price


Force Close

Formula Version


Invoiced Qty.

Invoiced Qty. Base


Item Blocked

Item Type

Item UOM Not Sellable

Line Amount

Line Amt Incl. Tax

Line Cost

Line Discount

Line No.

Line Pallet

Line Profit

Line Type

Line Volume

Line Weight

Lot Tracked

Original Qty.

Parent Line

Price By Base UOM

Promotion Discount Line

Purchase Line

Purchase Order

Purchasing Type

Qty. Base

Qty. to Ship


Replenishment System

Requisition Created

Requisition Line

Return Order

Returned from SIL

Sales Order Archive

Sales Price

Sales Price Entry

Sell-to Customer

Serial Tracked

Shipment Date

Shipped Qty.

Shipped Qty. Base

Standing Order Line


Tax %

Tax Group

Unit Cost

Unit of Measure

Unit Pallet

Unit Price

Unit Volume

Unit Weight


Work Line

Work Order

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