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Sales Forecast

Field Label

Field Level Help

Alternate Shipping

The Alternate Shipping Record for the Sell-to Customer associated with the Sales Forecast.


The conversion factor of the Unit of Measure on the Forecast Line to the Item’s Base Unit of Measure.

Custom Key

Custom text field and can be populated by a trigger.

Forecast Date

The date of the Forecast. Used for material planning.


The Item being forecasted.

Qty. Base

Quantity converted to the Item’s Base unit of Measure.


The forecasted Quantity.

Sell-to Customer

The Sell-to Customer associated with the Sales Forecast.

Unique Validation

Unit of Measure+Warehouse+Forecast Date+Sell-to Customer+Alternate Shipping+Custom Key. Used to prevent duplicates.

Starting Date

The date that the Forecast begins.

Unit of Measure

The Unit of Measure for the Item on the Forecast Line.


The Warehouse associated with the Sales Forecast.

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