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Sales Discounts


Sales Discounts are configured to calculate the discounts given to customers. These are configured as line discounts or invoice discounts.

Setup Sales Discounts

Before processing line discounts for sales, the GL Account to be used for discounts must be defined in the Account Posting Setups on the Company Setup page. 

When the sales invoice is posted, the Sales Discount amount is posted to the Account Sales Discount GL account defined in the Account Posting Setup.  Read Configure Account Posting Setup for details.

Sales Discounts are configured to calculate the discount per sales line in one of the following ways:

  • The Account, Item, and UOM combination

  • The Account and Item Category combination

  • The Account, Item Category, and Item Category UOM combination

Discounts are calculated using a percentage of the sale or a flat amount per unit based on a specified time frame.

Open the App Launcher. Search for Sales Discounts.

Configure the following:

  • Account - Define the account that will receive the Sales Discount.

  • Item - Define the item that will receive the Sales Discount. Leave this blank if the discount is based on the item category or if this discount applies to all items.

  • Unit of Measure - Define the Unit of Measure that will receive the Sales Discount. The Unit of Measure must be entered if the item is not blank.

  • Item Category - Define the item category that will receive the Sales Discount.

Note: You cannot enter values in both Item and Item Category.

  • Item Category UOM - Define the unit of measure of the Item category that will receive the Sales Discount. This is optional.

  • Discount By - Select Percentage or Unit Amount.

    • Percentage gives a discount % based on the Sales Price of the Sales Line.

    • Unit Amount gives a flat rate discount based on the Quantity ordered on the Sales Line.

  • Discount - Based on the selection in Discount By field, enter the percentage or unit amount discount.

  • Starting Date - Enter the date from which this Line Discount is valid.

  • Ending Date - Enter the date until which the Line Discount is valid.

  • Minimum Quantity - Enter the minimum quantity of the item that must be purchased on the sales line in order to receive the discount.

Processing the Line Discounts

When an item is entered on a Sales Order where a Line Discount is used, the Discount Per, Discount By, and Discount will populate automatically.  You can also manually update the data on the lines.

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