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Sales Discount

Field Label

Field Level Help


Enter the customer account for this line discount.  Used either for item or invoice level discount.

Alternate Shipping

Only used for invoice level discount

Applies To

Area for entering information about the discount. Ex: Invoice No.

Based On Gross Value

If checked, the invoice discount calculation is based on the gross amount (before line discounts). If not checked, the calculation is based on the net amount (after the line discounts).


Discount amount by Percentage or Unit Amount depending on the Discount By field.

Discount By

Define if the discount is calculating by a Percentage or Unit Amount

Discount Code

User-defined identifier.

Ending Date

The last day the line discount is valid.  Leave it blank to have no ending date.

Import Line Discount

The Import Line Discount Record associated with the Sales Discount.

Invoice Discount

If not checked, this discount line is used for item level discount. If checked, this discount line is used to calculate invoice level discount.  


Item for this line discount.  If you leave it blank, this discount line applies to all items.

Item Category

User-defined Item Categories. Discounts can be given to groups of Items based on Item Category.

Item Category UOM

Item Category discounts can be further segmented by defining a UOM.

Minimum Quantity.

The minimum quantity purchased to be eligible for the line discount.

Starting Date

The first day the line discount is valid.  Leave it blank to have no starting date.

Unit of Measure

Item Unit of Measure for this line discount.

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