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Review User Adoptions


The User Adoption routine is scheduled to run weekly to review the usage of GoldFinch software by user and by month for the past 12 months. It is also used in determining the correct number of GoldFinch (full and limited) licenses needed for your operation.


To review the result, click App Launcher and search for DW User Adoptions.

You will see 3 pre-defined views.

1-Modify/Insert Count view displays Object Name, Records Inserted, and Records Modified by User and by Month.

2-User License Type by Month view displays the number of Object Inserted/Modified and License Type, by User and by Month.

3-No. of Licenses by Month view displays No. of Full Licenses and No. of Limited Licenses by Month, based on GoldFinch objects inserted or modified.

You must make sure you have enough Full Licenses for your users for compliance.

By default, a Limited License can read all GoldFinch objects, but can only insert/modify up to 3 GoldFinch objects.

The No. of Limited Licenses calculated does not include users who only read data, or who only update standard Salesforce objects, such as Account, Contact, Task, or other activities.

GoldFinch will inform if you need more GoldFinch Full Licenses to replace the Limited Licenses. You must correct this issue by updating users' security or purchasing additional Full Licenses. Otherwise, the system will not allow you to post transactions after one month.

How to Run the Batch Routine Manually

The batch routine can be run any time you want.

Go to Developer Console\Debug\Open Execute Anonymous Window, and run the following code:

GFCON.DWUserAdoptionDeleteBatchable batchClassInstance = new GFCON.DWUserAdoptionDeleteBatchable();

// Start the batch job

Database.executeBatch(batchClassInstance, 200);

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