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Release Notes 12/31/22


From comprehensive Sales Cloud Integration touchpoints to improved Transfer Order Management and electronic document integration, this release is focused on providing greater control, efficiency, and flexibility to streamline various processes within the system.

New Features

Sales Cloud Integration Touchpoints

GoldFinch Item to Salesforce Product

New Integration: Seamlessly connect GoldFinch Items with Salesforce Products for enhanced product management and visibility.

Salesforce Order to GoldFinch Order or Sales Invoice

New Integration: Establish a direct link between Salesforce Orders and GoldFinch Orders/Sales Invoices for streamlined order processing and invoicing.

Inventory Allocations on Salesforce Order

Enhancement: Improve inventory management by allocating inventory directly on Salesforce Orders.

Scheduled Supply Plan Calculations

  • New Feature: Schedule calculations for the following data:

    • Item Usages

    • Best Fit Forecast Model

    • Sales Forecasts

Transfer Order Management Enhancements

New Buttons: Do Not Allocate, Mass Allocate/Deallocate

Enhancement: Enhanced control with new buttons for managing allocations: Do Not Allocate, Mass Allocate, and Mass Deallocate.

Allocation Options: Shipment Date or Priority

Enhancement: Flexible allocation options by Shipment Date or Priority, providing greater control over transfer order allocations.

Electronic Document Integration

Work Order Pick Ticket Management

  • New Feature: Ability to create picking tickets directly from a Work Order for improved warehouse efficiency.

New Sales Price Mass Update Function

  • New Feature: Users can now mass update Sales Prices with a user-defined percentage, simplifying price management.

New Sorting Options for Sales Orders/Purchase Orders

  • Enhancement: Users can now sort order lines by either Line No. or Item No., providing more flexibility in order management.

More Control Over Put-away Inventory

  • Enhancement: When creating a Put-away from a Warehouse Receipt, users now have the option to create Put-aways without lines, offering greater control over inventory put-away processes.

Upgrade Information

We believe these features will significantly enhance your workflow and user experience. As always, we value your feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts and report any issues.

You are welcome to schedule a meeting with us if you would like to learn more. Please email us at

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