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Release Notes 09/31/21


  • Allow Report Output by each Item Routing step of the Work Order.

  • Added Work Center Capacity Planning Workbench to have an overview of capacity load and also drag and drop Work Orders to reschedule.

  • Added Calculate Work Center Capacity feature on the Item list.

  • Added Register Work for each Routing Step feature on the Work Line to report Output Qty., Scrap Qty. and the actual Run Time.

  • Added Create Output Journal function from a Work Line.

  • Enhanced Work Order to calculate Work Line Start Date/Time and Ending Date/Time based on the Company's Business Hours.


  • Added Product Configuration feature on Item.

  • Ability to default the Purchase Type on the Item card.


  • Added Combine Shipment feature from a list of open Whse. Shipments.

  • Ability to allocate inventory first for Special Order Sales Lines before Insert Requisition Lines.

  • Added Sales Order Planning feature to explode all component requirements for open sales orders.

  • Added Explode BOM feature to Sales Order to allow orders to be fulfilled by components, but invoiced by the parent.

  • Allowed custom Sales Invoice PDF in the Electronic Document module.

  • Allow creation of a special Purchase Order or Work Order from multiple sales orders.

  • Added Buy x Get y free feature on a Purchase Order.

  • Added Prepayment feature for both Sales and Purchases.

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