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Release Notes 09/30/23


This release introduces several features across different modules to enhance your overall experience, from streamlined payment processing with Stripe Integration to advanced capabilities in Commission Management and Outside Service Management.

New Features

Stripe Integration

  • Feature: Seamless Payment Processing with Stripe.

  • Description: Enhance your payment capabilities with the integration of Stripe. This feature enables secure and efficient online payment transactions, providing a smooth experience for both you and your customers.

  • Stripe Integration

Commission Module Enhancements

Split Quantities on Requisition

  • Feature: Ability to split quantities on requisitions to create multiple Purchase Orders (POs) or Work Orders (WOs).

  • Description: Empower your procurement and production planning by efficiently managing quantities. Now you can split requisitions, create multiple POs or WOs as needed, and optimize your supply chain.

Supply Status on Sales Order

  • Feature: Added Supply Status field on Sales Order.

  • Description: Ensure a transparent sales process with the Supply Status field on Sales Orders. Track whether quantities are allocated or planned for, improving visibility and order fulfillment.

Advanced Outside Service Management

  • Feature: Streamlined Outside Service Management.

  • Description: Take control of your service management processes with advanced capabilities. This enhancement allows for more comprehensive management of external services, ensuring smoother collaboration and tracking.

  • Advanced Outside Service Management

Batch Create Production Journals

  • Feature: Efficient Batch Creation and Posting of Production Journals.

  • Description: Save time and improve accuracy in your production journal reporting. With the new batch creation feature, you can streamline the process, enhancing productivity in managing production-related output and consumption transactions.

Upgrade Information

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