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Release Notes 09/30/20

  • Added Clone Account feature to copy Customers or Vendors to save time.

  • Added AR Balance field on the Customer Account. The amount is updated in real time from Accounting Seed or the GoldFinch AR module and can be displayed in the Sales Order or used as part of the On Hold calculation.

  • Added Allocation by Item page to display allocation details by item for all sales lines and to allow allocations to be moved among sales lines.

  • Added Force Close flag (but not delete) to the sales lines for more accurate unfulfilled sales analysis.

  • Added Bypass Sales Shipment on Sales Invoice feature to allow for posting Sales Invoice with inventory consumption, without creating a Sales Order and Whse. Shipment. This feature is useful when processing B2C sales to minimize the number of transactions and reduces Salesforce data storage costs.

  • Added Calculate Invoice Discount onto the Sales Invoice. If an Invoice Discount is carried directly from a Sales Order, the invoiced quantity could be less than the order quantity.

  • Added a FieldSets feature for all major transactions (SO/SL, PO/PL, WS/WSL, WR/WRL, SI/SIL, PI/PIL, IJ/IJL and WO/WL) so custom new fields can be added to the Visualforce pages.

  • Added Breakbulk UOM feature to allow customers to have a different UOM print on Sales Orders, Whse. Shipments, and Sales Invoices.

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