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Release Notes 03/31/24


New Features

Project Management Improvements

  • Ability to budget cost and revenue by project or project tasks (i.e. billing tasks, or phases of a project).

  • Ability to enter timesheets against the Work created under project tasks.

  • Option to consolidate all expenses and revenue into the Project Ledger Entry table, in order to roll up actual cost and revenue to both project and project tasks to compare with budget.

Global Consolidations Improvements

  • Ability to consolidate multiple subsidiaries with various base currencies.

  • Process intercompany transactions and create elimination entries for consolidation.

  • Consolidated Financial Reporting with eliminations.

Service Order Management Improvement

  • Native integration of service orders with both inbound and outbound Warehouse operations.

  • Capture both labor and part usage for service operations.

  • Create invoices from out-of-warranty service orders.

Upgrade Information

You are welcome to schedule a meeting with us if you would like to learn more. Please email us at

Let us know if you have any feedback. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

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