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Release Notes 03/31/23


From improved financial control during Sales Order conversion to enhanced cost tracking with Landed Costs for Transfer Orders, this release focuses on efficiency, automation, and user convenience.

New Features

Sales Quotes to Sales Order Conversion

  • Enhancement: Credit Limit and AR Balance reviewed before conversion

  • Description: When converting Sales Quotes to Sales Orders, the system will now check the customer's credit limit and AR balance. This ensures better control over credit terms and financial health during the order conversion process.

Landed Costs for Transfer Order Receipts

  • New Feature: Assigning Landed Costs.

  • Description: Users can now assign landed costs for Transfer Order receipts. This feature enhances cost tracking and provides a more comprehensive view of expenses associated with transferring inventory.

Document Status Update on Order Closure

  • Enhancement: Automatic Document Status Change.

  • Description: Closing Sales Orders or Purchase Orders will now automatically update the Document Status to Completed. This simplifies order management and provides clear visibility into the status of completed transactions.

New Search Option for Purchase Lines

  • New Feature: Search by Vendor Item No.

  • Description: A new search option is introduced for Purchase Lines. Users can now search for items using Vendor Item No., making it easier to locate specific items.

Accounts Receivable Module - Bank Deposit Feature

  • New Feature: Bank Deposit in AR Module.

  • Description: A new feature is added to the Accounts Receivable Module - the Bank Deposit feature. This allows users to efficiently manage and record bank deposits directly within the AR Module, improving financial transaction tracking.

Upgrade Information

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