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Release Notes 03/31/22

New Features:

  • Graphical interface to schedule GoldFinch jobs to run hourly, daily, or weekly.

  • Routines to create and update SKU automatically with real-time Qty. on Hand, On PO, and Not Allocated Qty.

  • Update all open transactions when updating Item Type, or Item Units of Measure conversion.

  • Purchase Tax module.

  • Multi-GL Ledger functionalities throughout the GoldFinch system.

  • Added Sales Price v2 (one table) table to replace Sales Price v1 tables (Both the header and the line tables)

  • Added Sales Forecast 2 (one table) to replace Sales Forecast v1 tables (Both the header and the line tables)

  • Added Freeze Allocation field to Sales Order. (If it is checked, Allocation for the Sales Order will not be changed when the sales order is updated)

  • Added New fields to differentiate GL Batches by AR, AP, or neither for the QuickBooks integration.

  • Mass Close Purchase Orders.

  • Sales Invoice Line to recalculate Line Discounts.

  • Sales Invoice to calculate Invoice Discount based on the Gross Invoice Amount, instead of the Net Amount.

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