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Release Notes 03/31/21

  • Improved Actual Landed Cost Assignment

  • Changed editing pages from using sections to tabs to improve performance and to simplify the user interface.

  • Newly added Customer Portal using Salesforce sites, using GoldFinch objects.

  • Newly added child table pagination to SO, WS, and SI editing pages

  • Allow up to three currency decimals for Cost Amount and Sales Amount on SO, WS, SI, PO, WR, PI, and IJ. This accommodates currencies that have three decimal places (such as Kuwait)

  • Added Final Destination Warehouse to Purchase Order, which allows the creation of a transfer order from a purchase receipt.

  • BOL can now be created directly from a purchase order, transfer order, and sales order

  • Allowed updating shipment from transfer order so new transfer lines could be brought over to the shipment without re-creating the shipment.

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