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Release Notes 09/30/22


From basic Project Management functionalities to advanced document handling and improved inventory processes, this release is designed to optimize workflow and streamline operations.

New Features

Basic Project Management Functionalities

  • New Feature: Introducing fundamental Project Management functionalities to enhance project tracking and collaboration.

Default Recipient Field for Emailing PDFs

  • Enhancement: An area to define a default Recipient field on Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Transfer Orders for streamlined PDF emailing.

Enhanced Calculate Invoice Discount

  • Enhancement: Now supports multiple Sales Invoice Discounts, providing more flexibility and customization in discounting.

Item Configuration Update

  • Enhancement: The Item Configuration feature is updated to automatically create Item Formulas and Item Routings, streamlining item setup.

Purchase Description Field

  • New Feature: Added a Purchase Description field to the Item object, enhancing clarity in Purchase Lines.

Routing Group Feature

  • New Feature: Automatically consume raw materials within the same Routing Group for routine steps, optimizing material usage.

  • Description: This is in case a makeup quantity is needed for the scrap quantity.

Work Order Pick Function

  • New Feature: Added a Work Order pick function for efficient inventory picking and reservation.

Scan Ship App Enhancements

  • New Feature: Scan Ship app now supports uploading file attachments and photos for real-time updates and information tracking.

  • Description: This will allow warehouse managers to consistently update the app with the latest information and keep everyone on track.

Default GL Ledger and Accounting Variables

  • Enhancement: Default GL Ledger and Accounting Variables for transactions from various setup tables.

Sales Order/Sales Quote Archive Feature

  • New Feature: Introducing the Sales Order/Sales Quote Archive feature for better order history management and reference.

Upgrade Information

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Let us know if you have any feedback. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

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