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Recurring General Journal


In GoldFinch, you can set up recurring General Journals to save time entering data.


Navigate to the Recurring General Journal tab.

Click New to create a new recurring General Journal.

Enter the following information:

  • General Journal Frequency

  • Next General Journal Date

  • Status

  • GL Ledger (Optional)

After you save, click New to create a new recurring General Journal Line.

Populate the following fields:

  • GL Account

  • Description

  • Amount

  • Other fields are optional.

To create a new General Journal from a recurring general journal, navigate to the Recurring General Journal page. Then click Create General Journal.

GoldFinch checks the following:

  • Status must be Active.

  • Next General Journal Date must not be blank.

  • There must be at least one recurring General Journal Line.

  • You must have posted all previous General Journals related to this recurring General Journal.

After the new General Journal is created, GoldFinch automatically updates the Next General Journal Date and Last General Journal Date based on the General Journal Frequency.

Alternatively, you can create multiple general journals by going to the list of Recurring General Journals.

Select a view, then select all the records that you would like to create general journals for.

Then click Create General Journals.

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