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Quality Control

QC Questions

When performing quality control actions in GoldFinch, QC Questions are used on QC Tests to provide the test results and to determine whether an Item lot should be accepted, rejected, or quarantined.

Each of the questions must be assigned a QC Category. You can customize the QC Category values in your instance by going to the Object Manager.

Technical Sheets 

Technical Sheets are used to group QC Questions and should be assigned to items that require QC Testing.  The status of a technical sheet must be Certified before it can be used. You can assign the same Technical Sheet to multiple items.  

Item Setups

If you want to perform a QC Test for an item, you must assign a Technical Sheet to it.  Check the QC Required field if you want to create a QC Test automatically when posting a Whse. Receipt and put all received inventory for that item into a separate QC bin.

Creating QC Tests

A QC Test will either be created manually upon receipt of an item that requires a QC Test or a QC Test can also be created manually by entering Item No, and Item Lot. The QC Test Lines are populated automatically based on the technical sheet defined on the item.

Once a QC Test is created, you can update the Test Date, Test by Technician, and Pass/Fail on the header.  Then you can update the Text Response, and Pass/Fail for each QC Question on the lines.

Certificate of Analysis

After you enter a Text Response to all QC questions, you can click Print Certificate of Analysis to printthe document. This document can be attached to Item Lot, or emailed to customers.

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