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QC Question

Field Label

Field Level Help

Control Type

The type of control being used. Possible values: No Control, Options, or Ranges.

Default Range Value

The default (expected) value as it applies to the defined range.


Description of the QC Question Record.


Area for entering information about the method(s) being used.

Out of Range Block Type

Determines whether or not a value which is greater than the Range End Value or lower than the Range Start Value should result in a block. Possible values: No Block or Status Block.

QC Category

QC Question Category. Options are User-defined and the same as those for QC Test Line Category.

Range End Value

Upper limit value for a pass.

Range Start Value

Lower limit value for a pass.

Range UOM

The Unit of Measure for observed values. Possible values: % or mg.

Response Type

The type of value expected in response to the QC Question. Possible values: Text, Numeric, or Date.


Specifications for the QC Question.

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