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Put Sales Orders On Hold


The GoldFinch Order On Hold feature allows you to put new sales orders on hold while waiting for approval.  Orders that are on hold will not have inventory allocated on the order and a Whse. Shipment cannot be created for the order until the order is released from being on hold.

Order on Hold function

Enter the Credit Limit amount on the Sell-to Customer account.  When a sales order is placed for this account, GoldFinch will automatically put the order on hold if the total amount of the order plus any other outstanding orders for this account exceed the Credit Limit amount. 

Order On Hold feature is activated only when the Credit Limit is not 0. If you want to put all orders on hold for prepaid credit card customers, enter 0.01 to the Credit Limit field.

Depending on the back-end financial application you use, it is possible to also include the open AR in the calculation. 

If you are using Accounting Seed:

  1. Go to the Account List, and click Resync AS AR Balance, GoldFinch will calculate the current AR Balance for all customers and populate the AR Balance field on the customer account. 

  2. Whenever a Billing or Cash Receipt record is posted for the account, GoldFinch will automatically recalculate the AR Balance.

If you are using GoldFinch Cash Receipt module:

  1. Go to Administration menu, Setup, then click Update AR Balance on Account.  GoldFinch will calculate the current AR Balance for all customers.  

  2. When the Account Detailed Entry is updated, GoldFinch will automatically recalculate the AR Balance for the related customer.

When placing a sales order, GoldFinch will calculate the total Outstanding Sales Order Amount for the Sell-to Customer account and if the amount is greater than the Credit Limit, the Order On Hold field will be checked and a description of the reason the order is on hold will be entered in the On Hold Reason field on the sales order.  

To release an order from the On Hold status, a user will uncheck the Order On Hold field on the sales order.  Only users with the Unhold Sales Orders permission checked in the User Setup will be permitted to release an order from hold.

When the order is released, the On Hold Released By field will be filled in the User and the date the order was released.  

***To manage on-hold orders, you can create a view for Orders On Hold and display the view on the dashboard.

Salesforce Approval Process

It's possible to use the out of box Salesforce Approval Process to manage Sales Orders On Hold.

The Salesforce Approval Process is initiated manually by clicking the Submit Approval button on a record.  When the Approval Process is initialed, the Record Lock is automatically triggered which will lock the record from being edited.  

You will want to add a couple of additional steps to the approval process to handle the GoldFinch Order On Hold field

  • Add a step to check the Order on Hold field for the Initial Submission Action. 

    • GoldFinch does not delete existing allocations automatically when an order is put on hold using the Approval Process

  • Add a step to uncheck the Order on Hold field for the Final Approval Action. 

    • The user who approves an order must have the 'Allow Unhold Sales Order' permission on the User Setup

Lock the Record for Editing

Out of the box, Record Locking does not work with GoldFinch objects because the GoldFinch Standard Permission Set has Modify All checked for all GoldFinch objects.  You can clone and update the permission set to bypass.

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