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Purchase Implementation Tips

  1. You can manually create Purchase Orders, or create Purchase Orders from a Requisition Worksheet or Supply Plan in the Demand Planning App.

  2. Ensure to provide accurate Unit Cost on Purchase Line before creating Whse. Receipts. The Unit Cost on the Purchase Order will be used to value the inventory that you sell until you receive the vendor invoices.  

  3. You can create several open Whse Receipts without posting them if you use Co-Packers to make products and you require entering production schedules into the system. The pending receipts will be used in planning and allocation.   
    Read Item Availability Status for planning information, and Sales Orders Allocation for allocation information.

  4. After receiving the inventory, you can ship and invoice before receiving the vendor invoices. Daily Adjust Cost Routine will automatically adjust COGS of the sold inventory after the vendor invoices are posted.

  5. You can define Receive Bin using a regular Pick bin on the Whse. Shipment to pick and ship the received inventory immediately, if you do not wish to execute additional put-away activity.

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