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Purchase Prices


Purchase Prices define a quantity-based Purchase Price for a combination of an Item and Vendor Account.

Setup Purchase Prices

Open the App Launcher. Search for Purchase Prices.

Click on New to create a new Purchase Price.

How GoldFinch ERP Selects a Purchase Price for a Purchase Order

The following criteria are used to define a valid purchase price to be used on a purchase order:

  • The Buy-from Vendor Customer Account is defined on the Purchase Order.

  • The Item and Unit of Measure ordered are defined.

  • The Order Quantity is compared with the Minimum Quantity.

  • The Purchase Order Date is within the Starting Date and Ending Date.

  • The Currency of the Purchase Order is defined.

During the Purchase Order entry process, GoldFinch will evaluate the criteria for the Purchase Prices. The lowest Unit Cost for the Item and Unit of Measure combination for the Vendor from the Purchase Price records will be used on the Purchase Order Line.

If a Minimum Quantity is entered on the Purchase Price, the Purchase Price record will be used only if the Purchase Order quantity meets or exceeds the Minimum Quantity defined.

If no qualified Purchase Price record is found, GoldFinch will use Standard Base Cost if it is not 0 as the Unit Cost. If Standard Base Cost is 0, GoldFinch will use Last Invoiced Base Cost as the Unit Cost.

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