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Product Configurator


Product Configurator feature allows you to construct Items based on options and also automatically create Item Formulas (BOM) and Item Routings based on the unique combinations of options.

Initial Setup

Navigate to the Company Setup. Check the Use Product Configurator field to turn on the feature.

Once turned on, 10 out-of-box configurator fields will be displayed on the New Item page for you to select options.

Define Picklist Values

Navigate to the Item object to define the picklist values for the 10 configurator fields. These picklists are global and can be used in both the Item object and the Item Configuration object.

When defining picklist values, remember that Values will be used to concatenate the Item Description field, and API Names will be used to concatenate the Item No.

You can also define the dependence between the picklist values for different configurator fields.

Setup Item Configurations

The Item Configurations object defines the default Item Formula or Item Routing per each configurator field.

Read Item Configuration for field help.

When a new item is created, Item Formula and Item Routing will be automatically created based on the Item Configuration object.

Changing Field Labels

Out-of-box field labels for configurator fields in both the Item object and the Item Configuration object can be changed by an administrator. Read How to Change Field Labels for more information.

More Information

Contact a GoldFinch consultant if you need additional customizations.

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