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Process Standing Order


If you have an agreement with your customers for the exact order quantity based on the weekdays, you can use the Standing Order as a template to set up weekly orders.

Steps to Create and Process Standing Orders

Create a new Standard Order.

Enter Sell-to Customer.

If you want to bill to another account, specify Alternate Billing on the Sell-to Customer account. When mass creating Sales Orders, GoldFinch will use Alternate Billing on the Sales Orders.

Define Starting Date and Ending Date.

It is possible to create a recurring job to update Starting Date and Ending Date for future orders.

Enter items, then enter quantities for each of the weekdays.

To Mass Create Sales Orders, navigate back to the Standing Order list.

Select Standing Orders on the list.

Then click Mass Create Sales Orders.

Update the No. of Days that you want to create sales orders for.

Click Create Sales Orders.

One sales order will be created for each of the weekdays of the selected Standing Orders.

GoldFinch will use the pre-configured Sales Prices table to determine the Unit Price of the Sales Order.

GoldFinch will also update the Last Sales Order Date on the Standing Order to prevent duplicated orders from being created.

You can see a list of Sales Orders created on a Standing Order page.

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