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Process Prepayment Customer Receipts


In GoldFinch, there are two ways of processing customer prepayments.


You can create and send a prepayment invoice to your customer, and then apply the customer receipt to the prepayment invoice. Read Customer Prepayment for more information on related accounting entries.

Alternatively, you can skip the prepayment invoice, and record the customer prepayment directly using the Customer Receipt feature.

We recommend the following best practices:

  • Navigate to Setup\Object Manager\Customer Receipt\Field Sets\EditReceiptGeneralSection, then add the following fields to the field set:

    • Sales Order

    • Bypass AR

    • Revenue GL Account

  • When entering the prepayment customer receipt, populate the following fields:

    • Bank Account

    • Payment Type = Customer Prepayment

    • Bypass AR = true

    • Sales Order

    • Revenue GL Account = Customer Prepayment GL Account

When you post the customer prepayment receipt, the following GL Entries will be created:

  • Debit Bank Account

  • Credit Customer Prepayment GL Account

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