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Process EDI 943 and EDI 944


When goods are received into your 3PL warehouse, either from a purchase order or from a transfer order from your warehouse, that data can be electronically transmitted to GoldFinch.  The data can be transmitted either via an EDI 944 (Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice) document or via an API connection with your 3PL directly.  

Receiving 943s

After the receipt of goods has been processed at the 3PL, data will be transmitted into the Import Receipts object in GoldFinch. 

The data will include:

  • PO Number (if the receipt is generated from a purchase order)

  • Transfer Order Number (if the receipt is generated from a transfer order)

  • Receipt Date

  • Item

  • Lot Number

  • Quantity

  • Unit of Measure

Processing 943s

After the data has been transmitted, the receipt will need to be created in GoldFinch by going to the Import Receipts tab in the GoldFinch Conversion app.

  1. Select the "Not Processed" view.

  2. Select all records that you would like to create the receipts for.

  3. Click the "Create Receipts" button.

When the Create Receipt function is initiated, GoldFinch will check data to ensure accuracy when creating the receipt.

For a Transfer Order Receipt:

  • The Transfer Order Number is the link from the Import Receipts record and the Transfer Order in GoldFinch

  • One Warehouse Shipment per transfer order must have already be created and posted for the Transfer Order 

  • The item number(s), quantity, UOM and Lot numbers must be identical to the warehouse shipment.

For a Purchase Order Receipt:

  • The Purchase Order Number is the link from the Import Receipts record and the Purchase Order in GoldFinch

  • The Item number(s) and UOM must be identical

  • You cannot receive more then the outstanding quantity with tolerance % remaining on the purchase order.  

  • The Vendor must match the Account name on the PO or it could be blank.

Posting Whse. Receipts

After the Whse. Receipts have been created in GoldFinch, a user must post the Receipts.

Error Text

If there are any errors that will not allow the Whse. Receipt to be created, the Import Receipt lines will not be processed and an error test will be written to display the reason the receipt cannot be created.

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