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Process EDI 850


EDI 850 is used to transmit sales orders into GoldFinch from your trading partners.

Receiving 850

Your EDI Software Provider will retrieve EDI 850 from your trading partners and insert them into the Import Orders object.

These EDI 850 documents include:

  • Customer

  • Ship-to

  • Item

  • Unit of Measure

  • Quantity

Creating Sales Orders

Navigate to the Import Orders tab in the GoldFinch Conversion app.

  1. Select the Not Processed view.  This view will be filtered on the Processes field = false. 

  2. Select all records that you would like to create the orders for.  

  3. Click the Create Sales Orders button.

Note:  To prevent duplicate sales orders from being created, Do Not Allow Duplicate PO must be selected on the customer Account.

Error Text

If there are any errors that will not allow the Sales Orders to be created, the Import Orders lines will not be processed, and an error text will be written to display the reason the order cannot be created.


  1. Configure Account and Alternate Shipping addresses for the new EDI Trading Partner.

    1. Enter the EDI Shipping Id while configuring the Alternate Shipping addresses.

  2. For all the items that you require to trade with the new partner, Cross References must be configured.

    1. Enter the Item No. of your Trading Partner in the Cross Reference No. field.

  3. The Ship to Id from your trading partner is mapped to the EDI Shipping Id that is configured in the Alternate Shipping record to locate the Account and Alternate Shipping used on the sales order.  If an Alternate Shipping record is not found, the Ship to Id is mapped to the EDI Shipping Id that is configured in the Account.

  4. The Item No. from your trading partners is mapped to the Cross Reference No. that is configured in the Item Cross Reference object to locate your Item and Unit of Measure used on the sales order lines.

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