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Process Company Credit Card Payments

Accounting Seed GL Account

Set up a Company Credit Card Bank Account in Accounting Seed to track the Company Credit Card payments.  

Bank Account must be selected so that the account can be reconciled at the end of the month. If the Cash Flow Statement is enabled, all cash disbursements from the Credit Card Bank Account must be classified with a proper Cash Flow Category. The ending balance of the Credit Card Bank Account will be included as part of the Cash Balance.

Processing Accounting Seed Payables Paid by a Company Credit Card

When paying Accounting Seed Payables, specify the "Company Credit Card Bank Account" when running Cash Disbursements. 

Paying the Credit Card Company

When receiving Company Credit Card statements, use Accounting Seed Journal Entries to transfer cash from the Operating Bank Account to the Company Credit Card Bank Account.

Month End Processing

In Accounting Seed, perform the standard bank reconciliation process for both "Company Credit Card Bank Account" and "Operating Bank Account."

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