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Process Special Work Orders


The Special Work Order process allows you to manufacture Items on-demand exclusively for a Sales Order. The Insert Requisition button is then used to create Work Orders that can be used to manufacture demanded Inventory.

Create a Sales Order

Open the App Launcher. Search for Sales Order.

Click on the New button to make a new Sales Order.

For each Item, update (or create) its Sales Line by setting the Purchasing Type field to Special Order

When complete, click Save.

The Item must have its Replenishment System field set to Work Order to generate a Work Order. Change to Purchase if you want to generate a Purchase Order. 

After saving the SO, GoldFinch will automatically allocate Inventory to each Sales Line, up to the quantity on hand in the Warehouse selected for the SO.

The allocated quantity can be overwritten as needed by editing the related Item Allocation.

After a Requisition Line has been created for the Sales Line, the Item Allocation will not be automatically updated.

Insert Requisition to Create a Work Order

On the Sales Order, click Insert Requisition.

A Requisition Line will be created for each Sales Line with the Purchasing Type field set to 'Special Order'.

The Requisition Line will have a quantity equal to the amount that was not allocated due to insufficient inventory:

Requisition Line Quantity = Sales Line Quantity - Allocated Quantity

Review and update the default information:

  • The Vendor is taken from the Item's Default Vendor.

  • The Order Date is today.

  • The Due Date is taken from the Requested Shipment Date on the Sale Order.

Click Create Orders.

This will create one Work Order per line. To see the related Special Work Order, click on Work Order No.

After the special Work Order is created, you can create a Warehouse Shipment even before inventory is made. This is so that your warehouse staff can start preparing in advance for the shipment. To enable this feature, check Allow Create WS for Special Order on the Company Setup.

Process the Work Order

Refer to Process Work Orders to create Output Journals to report outputs.

When the Output is posted, GoldFinch will place the inventory in the Output Bin and allocate the inventory to the Sales Order.

Finish the Work Order if you have reported all output and consumption.

Create a Warehouse Shipment

Create a Whse. Shipment from the Sales Order.

To create a Warehouse Shipment before inventory is received on a special Purchase Order, check Allow Create WS for Special Order on the Company Setup.

Create a Sales Invoice

Create a Sales Invoice from the Whse. Shipment

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